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Welcome to Cambodia International Law Firm

We differentiate ourselves by coupling a deep understanding of the local business environment with international professionalism and integrity.
We facilitate business, investment and trade between Cambodia and the rest of the world through innovative and cost-effective legal services.
Superior knowledge of local protocol, local procedure, and local people is necessary for any business to succeed in Cambodia.
Conducting daily business in Cambodia, BNG Legal is up to date with the newest procedures and requirements, helping clients efficiently and successfully complete any project.

Our "Upstream" Services are:
  • Providing legal opinions on local law and procedures.
  • Negotiating with local partners or the state obtaining business or project licenses.
  • Drafting " joint venture" agreements and other legal documentation.
  • Incorporation and registration of companies.
  • Assistance with legal aspects of financing and banding.
Our "Downstream" Services are:
  • Visa and immigration
  • Labor law,employment contacts and manuals
  • Ownership, lease titling and registration of land
  • import and export produces and tariffs
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property
  • Taxation
  • Corporation governance and maintenance services
  • Resolution of disputes through mediation
  • Arbitration and litigation in local courts
  • Trade mark agents
  • Commercial and international trade
  • Establishing representative offices
  • Property, construction and transportation
  • Property Verification & Appraisal Report.
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